About us


Centre for solar thermal energy excellence

Fabrisolia S.L.U makes available for the entire BDR Thermea Group a World Class Centre in Solar Thermal Energy in Castellbisbal (Barcelona), and it is the most modern solar panel manufacturing plant globally. With a 10,000 m2 area, it has a solar panel production capacity of up to 150,000 m2/year.

The company is the largest manufacturer and exporter of solar collectors in Spain, with 80% of its production allocated to international markets including Portugal, Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Poland, and England, among others.

Thanks to the investments made by the Group and the company’s commitment towards maintaining its leadership in the development of efficient climate solutions, the centre has become a benchmark across international markets.

It is the only Spanish factory in the private sector that owns a solar collectors and systems testing laboratory, certified, to receive samples from both solar panels and solar equipment. Moreover, the Group has significantly invested in R+D+i in recent years to get the latest advances in testing instruments, computer systems, human resources, and design material.

Our Services

  • Training on solar energy
  • Assistance during the preparation and execution of projects
  • Calculations, dimensioning and commissioning
  • Consulting services
  • Analysis and assessment of new products
  • Manufacturing in compliance with OEM Standards

As one of the largest Spanish solar collector manufacturing companies, Fabrisolia S.L.U offers a wide range of solutions to the solar thermal energy market. We organise training courses adapted to the professionals' needs, so sector professionals can learn about the advantages of each product first hand. We provide technical assistance during projects that require the support of engineers, architects, designers or technicians. Our team of experts is always available to our clients, providing advice during the calculation and dimensioning of the facilities, as well as energy consulting services. We promote the analysis and assessment of new market products, with the purpose of optimising the launch of products that meet with the current market requirements. In addition, Fabrisolia manufactures products for third-parties (OEM), which allows our clients to benefit from our manufacturing quality in products distributed under their brand.


Benefits of solar thermal energy

Solar energy is one the most interesting energy production systems from an environmental point of view. In addition to the aspects that have a positive impact on the environment, a solar energy installation is increasingly versatile, since it can be installed in many different places. Horizontal or vertical installation and installation in spaces that are not commonly used for such purposes, such as, for example, rooftops. In addition, it is the perfect solution to supply domestic hot water to remote areas. It also saves costs, since it is an endless source of energy that comes directly from the sun, with no rises and drops in the price of energy.

  • Sustainability
  • Energy cost savings
  • Energy independence
  • CO2 Reduction